Vampire the Masquerade Resources

Character sheets
My Vampire Character Sheets
A Mortals Character Sheet with Revised Dark Ages Skills

Shapeshifter tracking and stats
I use the animal attributes out of the beastiaries instead of the +/- to stats system
Common Gangrel Forms
More Gangrel Forms
City Gangrel Forms
Settite/Followers of Set Forms
More Settite/Followers of Set Forms

Gamesmaster's Data
A summary of the major clans and bloodlines (all timelines)
A Quick Guide to the Clans
The Laws of Caine (the version they tried to deny)
The Traditions - Dark Ages period
The Traditions - Modern Day

The Bloodpower Campaign
A replacement for the generation system. I got the idea from the Requiem table, and built this by comparing the average generation vs age of white-wolf's npc's. This allows GM's to start players weak, and age them over an extended campaign.
Vitae increase by age, losely based on the Requiem table
A character sheet designed for the Vitae Power system
A sheet for Vitae Power Vampires with Revised Dark Ages Abilities

The New York Campaign
Adjusted some of the dates as they were not quite correct for me, this campaign retells the story printed in the various New York sourcebooks from the perspective of two sets of players. I only got as far as writing the first two parts. Part1 - Camarilla, great for new Players. Part 2 - The Sabbat, a little darker and with more action
A set of notes so I could remember the rules
My own extension to the backgrounds system, including more detail on how to actually increase or if need be transfer dots
GM Notes for roleplaying the NPCs
The Story
The Night Clock
To use this clock, place a counter on the time. Move it as time progresses. When players split up use a different counter for each player. This version is for NYC only. The twilight period varies through the year and the coloured boxes show the variation. to figure out when night ends for a date mentally split the box into 6 equal segments, one for each of the months between Jun 21st and Dec 21st. I did not include an error correction for daylight saving time. So Morning Twilight on 21st Jun starts at 4:50 (ish) and ends when the sun is actually up at 5:20 (ish)