MERP Resources

Player's Data
How to Roll Attributes. Print this form and complete it in order to generate the Attributes for your character
Professions. A full list of professions compiled from the second edition rulebook
How to Select a Race. Races in each Campaign are limited by the GM (2nd Edition p80 section 20.0 - Restrictions on culture/race). On this document I have detailed the rule of thumb which guides my limitations. This is based on two factors, distance the race would travel, which accepts that parents may have moved into the area and fully maintained their cultural heritage and identity. Eg. after the fall of the lonely mountain, dwarves became a common site in many cities of man. However they still spoke Khuzduk, and learned 1h concussion to 4 ranks as adolescents, etc. And I have attempted to balance the game by allowing the player with the worst luck, when rolling attributes, to have a wider selection of race. I once used the random table (CGT-3), but found that there would always be one player with very high attributes who also fluked a noldor elf or dunedain on the race roll. And there would always be one player, usually the new guy in the group, who would have attributes of 74 or less and would be an gondorian (urban) human. This 'fix' is a work in progress.
Selecting a Race, version 2. Selecting a Race, version 2
Character Sheet. MERP Character Record Sheet
Action Cards. MERP Action Cards, the initiative system as printed in the book can be represented as action cards in the first stage and between each action a MM roll is used to determine the order. see MERP 2e p42 section 7 for more details.

Gamesmaster's Data
Advanced Attack Tables for MERP. Based on the RoleMaster Standard System Attack Tables, should you fancy upgrading to RM but are not ready to go all the way in a single bound